• Pamela Brusa

Writing A Compelling Sales Copy For Beginners.

So, can we talk about writing a compelling sales copy?

A sales copy is different from other forms of writing in some unique ways. Unlike other kinds of writing, mostly done to impress the reader with big words, a sales copy is written to make the reader pick up his credit card and pay for a product or service after reading it.

Here are the constituents of a sales copy:

✅ Headline

✅ Sub-headline

✅ Body copy

✅ Call to action

✅ Conclusion

Now, it is not a rule of thumb that must be followed according to how it is written here.

You can twerk it and test it.

Also, there are some essentials when writing a sales copy.

1. Understand And Embrace Human Psychology.

We all have different personalities. However, the weird thing is that the human brain is pretty predictable. So, as a marketer, this is pretty useful.

People incline to react in specific ways when faced with particular phrases, colors, images, and instructions.

Knowing what makes people read your work and taking out their credit cards is an excellent skill for writing a persuasive business copy. Prominent and successful writers manipulate the way we think about the stuff they are selling all the time.

Often you will not even notice what they’re doing.

But behind the scenes, they have mastered the art of cleverly shifting around commas and using images that trick you into feeling something and buying.

You can do the same; just keep learning the tricks one step at a time.

2. Leverage On Powerful Stories.

Many years ago, marketing was relatively unsophisticated. Companies would advertise, and most often than not, many consumers would not resonate with the brand. Now, things have changed.

Brands are being built on stories.

Why? Because people relate to a powerful story well told. And when people are emotional, it impels them to take action.

A story can make you feel happy, sad, worried, angry, confused, satisfied, or have mixed emotions. And that is a pretty powerful thing in any marketing strategy.

So, the next time you strategize on content creation, try to do a story. You’ll find that your content resonates with your audience on a much deeper and personal level.

3. Be Real, Honest, And Authentic.

People are always looking to buy something, whether they need it or not. Therefore, your writing must deliver trust and honesty.

A common mistake among writers is to act and speak like somebody else. Either someone they aspire to be or someone they think the consumer would be interested in.

The thing is, you cannot fool people for long. Your readers will resent insincerity, and they’re much more likely to write you off and your product.

Integrity is critical because we live in a world where someone is putting on a show for sales every day!


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