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Crisis Communication: Unmasking the Magic Behind Braud Cast's "Catchphrases"

In my PR Strategy Fundamental course, our instructor, Genny Sacco-Bak, introduced us to the genius that is Braud Cast. I've been hooked on his wisdom all morning, and let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff.

Now, in the wild and wacky world of #crisiscommunication, Braud Cast points out these three catchphrases that you've probably heard before: "Our top priority," "No comment," and "Off the record."

First up, "No comment." when you throw out a "no comment" during a crisis, it's like waving a red flag. It screams, "I've got something to hide," or "I'm not playing nice." People start thinking you're hiding something or just plain uncooperative. Instead, why not acknowledge the situation, and give out a sneak peek of what you're doing to fix things? It's like sharing the backstage secrets of your magic show. People appreciate honesty, even when things go south.

Next, "Off the record." This phrase sounds all cloak-and-dagger, like you're sharing secrets in a dimly lit alley. But in a crisis, transparency is the name of the game. Trying to go all hush-hush can be like a trust-destroying time bomb. Share the juicy details with everyone, so there's no room for doubt or conspiracy theories.

And finally, "Our top priority." This phrase is your golden ticket to crisis credibility. But don't just drop it like confetti at a party. Make sure your actions scream "priority," or it's just hot air. Overuse it, and it's like saying "I love you" to everyone you meet – loses the magic. Save it for when you mean it!

Braud Cast's teachings in #crisiscommunication, be upfront, be honest, and be present for the people. Managing a crisis is all about being transparent, and being a rock star in the eyes of your audience. So, take a page out of his book and slay that crisis like a boss! 🚀💪📣


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