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Landing Page Vs. Home Page

I get this question A LOT… Are they the same thing or just different names?


Theoretically, when a visitor comes to your site, they can land on the home page, which does not certainly qualify as the landing page. And neither do any other pages of your site qualify as the landing page.

The primary difference is a landing page allows guests to achieve a specific goal, while a homepage sets the stage for what your site is about.

What makes a good Home Page?

Provide a far-reaching overview of your business.

A visitor should absolutely know what your company does and feel compelled to look further within site for more details and information from your homepage.

Link to other principal pages of your website

Guests that land on your home page should be able to simply and easily access your service pages, your blog, and your contact page.

Inform guests how to connect with you

Visitors that land on your home page should be able to contact you. This allows for some action but not necessarily a specific action. Allow your guests to engage with your brand as soon as they land on your home page before their enthusiasm fades.

What makes a good Landing Page?

Designed to get traffic from one or specific sources

A landing page is intended to attract traffic from a click on an ad on Google or a link on an email. The message on the page should explain further what’s found in the ad or in the email.

Prompt a strong call-to-action

A landing page funnels guests to accomplish a central objective, such as signing up for a newsletter, receiving a free trial, registering for an eBook, etc.

Focus on a specific topic or offer throughout the page

A landing page should stay focused on a single topic. Anything beyond a specific objective becomes a distraction for the visitor, and you risk wasting the opportunity for new business.

Not intended to be a permanent part of your website

The home page is the face of your website, but the landing page is a temporary microsite. It is only necessary to use in conjunction with marketing campaigns.


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