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6 Free Online Proofreading Tools Every Writer Should Try

If you are a blogger or freelance writer, you must be aware of the importance of quality content to attract readers.

Many of us spend maximum time on deciding topic according to the targeted audience, creating drafts, rewriting the final article, but we hardly give much time to proofread.

Proofreading helps you to improve the quality of your article and reduces the number of errors .

Here are a few things do when proofreading my articles:

· I take a break let my work sit for sometime then revisit and start editing.

· Reading out loud helps me to determine if the flow of my article makes sense.

· If you find an error I correct immediately.

· Use proofreading tools.

6 free Online Proofreading tools


If you are looking for a single recommendation for the best proof-reading tool, look no further than Grammarly. This is a multi-purpose tool for writers and bloggers. You can paste your content after writing, and this will check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The premium version of Grammarly will not only help you rewrite long and passive sentences but also suggests alternative words and phrases that add quality to your work.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is an AI-based content optimization tool that does more than just proofread your content. The AI machine optimizes your content to be more results-oriented for your target audience. It all sounded fantastic to me, but when I tried this tool, I was overwhelmed by the results. In fact, I optimize this paragraph using this AI-based proofreading tool.

The grammar check is not as robust as Grammarly, but other features make it worth every penny you spend on this tool


Linguix uses artificial intelligence to find mistakes in your writing, and it suggests on how to fix it. With a single click, you can start fixing all grammatical and spelling errors. It works well especially for academic and formal writing.


Polishmywriting is my favorite tool to proofread my work online. It points out the error in three different colors. A red one for the spelling error, blue for style suggestions and green for grammatical errors.

The active and passive voice suggestions are my best part about using Polishmywriting.

Slick Write

I use this tool to analyze my writing. Slick Write not only points out your errors but also gives you an analysis including suggestions for phrases, filler words, uncommon words, adverbs, passive words, prepositions and more.

Once in a while, I keep track of how I am improving my writing skills with Slick Write. It’s an excellent way to keep up with your writing skills.


PaperRater not only offers suggestions for grammatical mistakes and styles but also checks your article title, vocabularies and word choices

Just like Slick Write, it is an excellent way to analyze your writing, but can be tab bit tedious having to select options such as title, education level, type of paper submitting, checking terms and conditions. Overall, it’s worth giving a try.

However, even with these tools nothing beats the good old manual proofreading.


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