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To Goggle Or Not...

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

I Think Not...

I'm a fairly stubborn person with a love of figuring whatever 'it' may be out my damn self. This means, if you've written an article online on how to best fold a bathroom towel, or how to travel alone, then I've probably read it. However, I am starting to realize that my love of Google and knowledge has been hindering my productivity.

For example: in the starting stages of my business (right now! yay! such a fun time!) I am wanting to set my foundation RIGHT. So, even though I have helped others succeed and have reached a point where I generally know my shit, the thoughts of "maybe _________ has a guide on how to properly set up a business." or, "__________ has probably figured out the best way to do this", or "I should probably check with ________ before eating breakfast today. I'm probably eating the wrong breakfast for my business.", constantly flood my brain.

Enter Google and hours upon hours of searching for the perfect plan/guide/breakfast for me.

And where do I find myself after all of the Google research? A eureka moment with a solid plan and idea of what to do next? Not once. I usually find myself still looking for the best way to do _________, because there are so many resources on the best way to do __________ and how can I succeed in doing ________ if I haven't read them all? Never mind that most of what _________ says are steps that I already know and have already been applying.

And this is when too much information is no longer a good thing.

After spending months working hard on my business, but not really accomplishing much because my working hard was being spent on research on how to BEST do everything, I realized that while I may be pretty stellar with getting client's businesses running smoothly, I have been brutal with setting my own up. Why? Because I haven't been treating my own business like I would someone else's.

When I am working with a client do I talk with them about an idea and then spend hours Googling how best to get said idea done? No. I talk it over strategically, create an action plan, and then get to work. Why? Because I know what to do and trust that I can make it happen when working with them. I've let information overwhelm and self-doubt take over, because I am not believing in myself like I would believe in a client.

So, what am I now going to do to make sure that this information overwhelm, self-doubt, and inaction stop? I'm going to be the business manager for myself that I am for my clients. I'm going to make a plan, create solid action steps, and then get 'er done.


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