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Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Nowadays, one of the easiest and best solutions is to outsource social media and other administrative tasks to a virtual assistant. As a result, virtual assisting and social media management are evolving every day as a authentic way to make money online.

As you build your virtual assistant business you will learn the ins and outs of marketing through social media. Social media marketing is now one of the most powerful ways to get potential clients to discover your services. But social media marketing alone is not enough.

How do you reach business owners who spend little or no time on social media themselves, and don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to probe into it? Ironically, theses are you ideal clients, because they’re the ones who need help the most. They know it’s an important avenue to getting customers, but have no idea how to go about it

The big question is how do you reach those potential clients?

I learned a few strategies to promote my services as a virtual assistant and content writer.

Guys… Do Your Research.

I have enrolled in multiple webinars to understand my target audience and what they are looking for.

You’ll need to know what their questions are and where they’re getting the answers. Get your keywords, phrases, words and topics so that you can include then in your marketing. Keep them updated and improve them every so often.

What questions or catchphrases would your best clients type into Google? Write down as many as you can come up with, and then start doing those searches. Look at the results that pop up and see if that helps you come up with even more ideas for keywords.

Usually, I ask my prospective clients what their biggest questions about social media marketing or getting help from a virtual assistant are. Any time you meet a business owner around town or ask online. The more you can do this, the more you’ll know about the problems you’re trying to solve and the better your pitch will be.

Get A Well Designed Informative Website.

A good website is the core of your business. It’s your online hub and it ought to your own online business card, resume, and “storefront.”

Even if a business owner doesn’t spend time on social media at least they know how to use the Internet and the process of searching for information online. Optimize your website to catch searches on phrases a business owner might use.

It is important to collect email address of the visitors on your website. This lets you follow up with people multiple times.

Stay On Your Toes

The online world moves pretty fast. It is important to stay on top of new and emerging technologies so you know how to make them work for your clients.

Look for example Pinterest has exploded in the last couple of years from a simple place to stash ideas for crafts and foods, to one of the most important social media marketing platforms.

YouTube and Facebook roll out new functionalities every few weeks, and the best practices for each of those platforms continues to evolve. If you don’t know what is happening in this world and you want to be a virtual assistant, you’ve got some catching up to do!

You need know what is happening with the main marketing spaces.. Talking about and participating in new methods will show potential clients that you know what you are doing.


Write about online business and your own experiences as a business owner.

A well-maintained, frequently updated blog is a key component of your social media presence. One big reason is that it’s good for your SEO. You’ll be more likely to be found when you’re blogging regularly simply because search engines will find websites that are regularly.

Regular blogging also means more chances to find and use keywords that catch the attention of web searches.

A blog is also will tell show what you know, and what you yourself are learning about the business. You can also use your blog to support yourself as an “expert” at what you do.

You can answer questions and share useful information and insights, especially when you identify questions that come up over and over again in emailing or talking with potential clients.

Make your site friendly and helpful resource that anyone can access for free, you’re building trust and loyalty — two most important things that are great in a working relationship.

Get Out There… Advertise

You have a great site with strong marketing copy, lots of blog posts and other content, and compelling offers to attract new clients. Now you have to drive traffic to it. Nowadays there are so many ways to advertise online, from Google Adwords to paid banners, paying for enhanced listings in search engine results and more.

Facebook ads get a lot of attention these days, too, and they’re certainly a valid way to advertise your services.

I’ve found there is a lot of traction through Facebook groups. The general idea is to go into Facebook groups where your ideal clients are hanging out, and just look for people who have problems you can solve.

Start answering questions. Include links to blog posts you’ve written or to other sites that fully answer the question. The more knowledgeable you are about a problem you can solve, the more likely someone is to think of you when they’re ready to hire help.

Just Start...

Creating your own business is complex and requires attention and effort, but that effort will pay off. Do whatever you can to make that first connection with a potential customer, and that will open the door to opportunities to convert that prospect into a paying client.

The most important thing you can do right now is to start. Do something… You’ll never know when the next big opportunity will show up for you, but you’ll only be able to snag it if you’re out there, doing the work!


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