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Mapping Out Your Content Creation Plan

Many business owners have great intentions. They want to blog once a week or twice a week, they start out strong, then slowly fade away. Or they start tons of content pre-scheduled and when it runs out, they completely disappear.

A content creation plan is the key to ensuring your efforts are sustainable and not a "blitz and disappear" act.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Success requires focus, resources, and commitment for the long haul. The idea is to base it on the core content you need to improve your business and then repurpose the content so you get the biggest returns on your efforts.

Here's what you need to do:

·Identify what content is your top priority (make it one that will help improve your business, like creating your onboarding process)

·Write down how much time you'll need to create, proof, and design each piece of content needed

·Decide how you will repurpose the content you're creating (like turning the overview of your process into a special report teaching people about the service you provide, how it works, and what they should expect)

·Write down how much time you'll need to create, proof, and design the new items

·Write down any other ways you can repurpose the same content (like turning it into a blog post)

·Get a blank month-at-a-glance calendar

·Review all of the content you want to create and how long each piece will take. Give yourself deadlines and write them in your calendar.

Some tips to make this process easier:

·Don't bit off more than you can chew! Be realistic with your deadlines and timelines. Don't base your milestones on the requirement that you work nights and weekends to get it done, because chance are you won't. Trying to do everything at once will cause stress, frustration, and burnout.

·Make quality the priority! It's better to produce content less frequently and ensure it's awesome, than publish mediocre content often

·Consider the order in which you create content. For example, instead of creating all of the content for a new on boarding sequence first then repurposing it, create once piece of the process, repurpose it into a list building offer, then publish a portion of it as a blog post that promotes the list building offer.

·Consider tackling one "chunk" of content each month, so one piece of the onboarding process, one list building offer, and one blog post gets done each month.



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