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I Am In Canada! 2022 Set Out To A Great Start!

It's that time of year to recalibrate, regroup, and reset your sights.

Where have you been… and, more important, where are you going from here?

For my family, as we stand on the threshold of 2022, the answer to that question has a great deal to do with change, new beginnings, and possibilities.

I Moved To Canada!


Why? You may wonder.

I felt that I needed to GROW, DIVERSIFY, LEARN, and EXPERIENCE life out of my comfort zone!

We dream of positioning ourselves in places where we can live independently, freely, and even self-sufficiently… while enjoying the new culture, possibilities and contributing to the greater local community around us. And Canada felt just right!

2021 was a reminder that the world is more connected than ever. The ongoing effects of the pandemic are happening in every corner of the earth.

My primary 2022 goals are to step things up towards a new professional career. The first phase was to further and advance my education and tap into new career opportunities that have opened up in the last two years!

Even though I think the things I worked on last year were by far more interesting than going back to studies, my family also experienced a lot of changes. With our daughter getting ready for college, it means we will officially be empty nesters in 2023. Therefore, change was inevitable.

Now that we are here in Canada, adapting to change is never easy, no matter how it's presented. I've been incredibly impressed by how resilient my daughter has been during this challenging time.

2022 will be a year of significant transitions!

I look forward to creating new friends, building lasting connections, and learning a new culture.

Stay safe, be healthy, and I look forward to taking you through my Canadian experience right here!

Love and Happiness!



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