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How To Monetize Your New Website/Blog

Can you earn a good income from your new website? The answer is a definite “yes.” But it takes a lot of hard work.

Your website can make you a profit if you know how to monetize it, but don’t focus just on a high income, focus on the quality of your website and the ingenious use of monetization methods.

Organic traffic to a blog or website usually comes from a combination of SEO optimized posts that get ranked in the search engines and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

But how do you quantify the traffic on your website? There are two services that you can easily use Google Analytics and Quantcast.

Google Analytics will show you important statistics such as the number of page views, specific keywords visitors used to get to your page, and the amount of time users spend on a specific page of your website.

Quantcast will show you demographic data you can use to gauge which location generates the most traffic to your website.

Let’s learn how to monetize your website!

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is an online advertising model where you can earn passive income each time a reader clicks on an advertisement banner. The most popular tool for this is Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the simplest way you can make extra money as you don’t need any specific skills to place ads on your blog or website. Besides, you can still apply to be an AdSense partner even if you have multiple sites.

Due to the immense support from Google, you don’t need to worry about setting things up.

So how much will you be getting?

Google will always pay you on time, usually between the 21st and the 26th of the month.

2. Selling Ad Space

You can sell free space on your site directly to advertisers. It takes time, but it maximizes the earnings that you will get from displaying the ads.

It can be a link at the bottom of the page, side banners, or small pop-ons. The rating for each can also vary so you have to take control on price negotiations as well.

You’ll need to have a high conversion rate and not just traffic because this method uses the pay-per-click model. You will be paid by advertisers depending on how many people click on the ad or visit your site.

Finding the right advertisers can be tricky. I use Google Ads, LinkedIn, and SellerCrowd

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Another quick strategy you can use to generate money is to become an affiliate marketer.

The process is simple, all you do identify a product or service and endorse/promote it on your website.

Whenever a user comes to your website and clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a particular product or service, you can gain a commission from that sale.

This commission ranges from 30% of the product price to 70%. You earn money without doing any additional work apart from putting an affiliate link on your site.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just like a sultan!

You can join affiliate programs such as Hostinger and Amazon or search for Affiliate networks: ShareASale and CJ Affiliate.

4. Post Sponsored Content

There are many marketers who are willing to pay for positive reviews on their products or services.

In fact, reviews appearing on third-party websites often hold greater credibility as readers do not view them as a direct advertisement.

Actually, sponsored content that is well written, informative and exciting is great for your website as it provides interesting content.

How much you can charge for such sponsored content solely depends on how popular your website is, how much of a following you’ve got on social media and how successful the content actually fares.

5. Set Up Online Courses/Coaching

Nowadays, classrooms aren’t needed to teach as digital courses are a solution. If you have valuable knowledge to share, you can monetize a website by providing online courses.

Digital courses come in different formats.

They can be simple PDF downloads, recorded audios, or well-produced videos. Guitar Tricks, for example, has step-by-step videos as well as how-to articles.

Setting up online courses is a great path as there’s no limit to how much profit you’ll earn.


Earning money from managing a site can be an exciting experience. However, monetizing a website needs time, dedication and most importantly – traffic.


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