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Creating Amazing Content For Your Business

Anyone can create mediocre content. Creating content that has been published, republished, reworked, and repurposed a million times is easy.

But creating valuable, relevant and quality content is hard. It takes time, effort, energy, resources, and knowledge. Most of this—in small businesses—is wrapped up in the expert owners who are also tasked with running the business, serving the clients, and managing the marketing and outreach.

Plus, let’s face it. Just the thought of content creation can make many business owners cringe in horror, and they’d rather make that margarita cocktail.

Writing and content creation, especially if you’re out of practice, is not fun. Then when you add on the pressure of making it something your audience will drool over and share on social media—it can be incredibly intimidating.

Issues Most Small Businesses Face Isn't Creating Amazing Content

The problem is creating amazing content, consistently and sustaining it over time. The most common complaints and excuses I hear from business owners avoiding content marketing are:

· I have no time left in my schedule for one more task.

· I have other internal items that I need to create and focus on before I create extra marketing content.

· I need to shore up my business systems and processes before I invest even more in my marketing.

· I don't know what to even write about or what people would care about.

How do you overcome these beliefs? How do you create valuable content and do everything else you have to do, let alone sustain it over time?

Here's the good news: Creating a sustainable content creation process will elevate your business and build your expert status—and it's easier than you think.

There are systems and tactics you can employ to drastically increase the results gained from your investment in content creation. It just takes some planning...

Assess Where Content Creation Could Improve Experiences, Value, And Profitability

Before you start creating content, you need to know why you are creating content. This is where we do a deep dive with clients into the inner-workings of their business, identifying all areas that could benefit from content creation.

The most common areas needing content creation include:

· Customer education

· Client onboarding

· Client training

· Income stream diversification (information products and courses)

· Marketing and blogging efforts

· Speaking/presentations

· Creating systems and processes

· Employee training

When looking at this list, most business owners realize they are severely lacking in the content department. They see that they don't have any client educational materials or they have no processes for their services, and they start to feel very overwhelmed.

If this is you right now, it's okay. Hang in there with me and I promise I'm going to make this seem much easier and much more doable…

Hit me up! Lets talk!



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