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Common Copywriting Mistakes

Getting No Traction: Copywriting Like An Expert

Incorrect Information

Inaccurate information can come in many forms. Edit your copy to reflect correct and factual information. Also, make sure that you have done enough research. It looks very unprofessional to put out work with incorrect or poorly researched information.

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Good copy sells

Wrong Target Audience

If you have to put out trick titles or cajole your audience to read your copy, then you clearly have the wrong target market. Copywriting may sound simple, but research indicates that more than 80% of online content marketing is targeted at the wrong audience. Ann Handley the author of my go-to marketing bible, Everybody Writes, says that it is easier to sell a product based on your own experience. Thus, as a copywriter, you should be able to relate or feel empathy towards your target audience, and write as if they think, or should think the same way you do.

Not Following The Right Process.

Believe it or not, writing is more of a science than an art creation process. It starts by identifying the ‘why’ ‘what’ ‘when’ and ‘how’. Then get into research and discovery, followed by synthesis of messaging, which leads to a spit draft or wireframe. I then wipe out all my notes, distribute the keywords, proven formulas to outline, and revise my spit draft into an actual copy. Edit and let it sit and marinate, re-edit, and take a split test if possible. These specifics are required for great copy, but you can create a process that works best for you.


Typos can make a bad first impression. It may create a reflection of untrustworthiness, unprofessional, and an imprint that you couldn’t invest in proofreading services. In an era of global exposure and instant connectivity errors in your copy can create a lasting impression of carelessness and reduce your credibility.

Bad Grammar

Using too much jargon, slang, provocative, or outdated words can also turn readers away. Poorly written copy quality leads to lower rank positioning, reduces prominence, and decreases traffic to your website.

Too Wordy

You have done good research, have professional experience, and you’re extremely knowledgeable, your article is a great place to give your readers a chance to see how great you are. However, it should be concise and clear, so your readers don’t lose interest. Keep your copy limited to the main message without rumbling on and on and missing out on the readers’ attention.


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