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Branding For Small Businesses

When it comes to branding, many small business especially online business owners struggle with creating their own visual branding identity online or even with how to get started. When I started my cosmetic brand I was fully aware that proper branding was going to set me apart from the competition.

If you are just starting out in business or are looking to rebrand your existing business, you might not always want to or be able to hire a professional branding consultant to do this work with you or get started with an online branding course.

What is brand and visual branding?

Every brand has its own personality and when branding your business it’s important to start by figuring out what this personality is. No one can tell you this, or decide this for you. This piece of work you will have to do all on your own – and it can be hard, and even scary at times.

Especially if you are the face of the business… Like me. Your business branding becomes an extension and a reflection of your own personality and life choices. So when we start looking in – we hit all sorts of fears, limiting beliefs and stumbling blocks. What kind of person am I? Is this person suitable to be the representation of my brand? Am I good enough? If I put so much of myself out there as part of the business, will people like me, or will they reject me?

I think that’s why there are so many bland and unremarkable brands out there. Because so many people are scared about showing up as they truly are inside so they play safe, hiding behind a logo and some visual identity they’ve seen elsewhere.

But you are brave and you are ready to step up, right? Then LETS CARRY ON.

So when you are looking to create your brand, you will need to start thinking about what kind of business you are trying to create, you as a person and the business owner.

· What benefits are you delivering? Why would customers buy your product? What are they getting: more time, more money, sense of security or acceptance, less stress or costs?

· What are you promising to your customers? What features do you offer with your products and services, how do you deliver them? Do you over-deliver? Do you exceed expectations?

· How do you follow up and keep in touch with your customers? What kind of customer service do you offer?

· What kind of experience are your customers expecting from you? Cheap and quick, luxurious and customized, or somewhere in the middle?

· What’s your voice that you use in copy, emails, website, social media?

So then your visual branding comprises of several elements:

· Colors

· Fonts

· Logo

· Graphic style and elements

And your visual branding is the representation of the identity I’ve described above.

So if your branding is looking cheap, shabby and unappealing, yet you are trying to sell luxurious and bespoke experience through your products and services – most likely you will struggle to attract the right customers.

Simply because when they will come across your branding – they will have the visual perception contradicting what they are expecting to get from you based on the description of your products and services.



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