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Are People Opening And Reading Your Sales Emails?

One of the questions I get asked the most by my readers and clients is…

"How do you get people to open and read your sales emails?"

The absolute truth is, it's not easy. It is a challenging task as a copywriter.

Let's think about our daily lives. Every day, you're being bombarded with emails, sales promotions, advertising messages on your phone, Facebook posts, and all kind of unnecessary stuff.

I send emails to my subscribers every other day. I have taken my time to carefully study the trends and articulate a formula that works for my readers and me.

The best that works for me has the following KEY elements…. And apply the same formula when writing a sales email to my reader.

A captivating subject line

More like what do you want to hear on a Monday morning? Use numbers, emotions and check on topics that are trending as leverage.

Personalized greetings in the name field

Nothing catches my attention like... Hi Pam, you are not only being personal but also being intimate. I have a small group of friends who call me Pam. When you shorten my name, now you have my attention for two seconds.

An opening line that hooks people

When you have my two seconds of attention, I now need you to hook me up and pull me from under the water. Take the first line to extend the attention span from 2 to 5 seconds. That's the most you will get from readers with your opening phrase.

Some exciting story or lesson

I love a great story. I will keep reading because I will probably relate and would like to know how the story ends!

A call to action

What can I do as a reader? What can I do to benefit from your email?

Personal sign off

Remember, we started with personalized greetings. It just makes sense to end it the same way we started.


Usually overlooked but critical. Fun fact, I sometimes read A postscripts first. It can disclose an intriguing fact or just give you the summary of the email. Always include it in your sales email.



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