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5 Copywriting Tools You Should Start Using Today

As a copywriter, writing correctly is the most crucial aspect of writing, and nothing can stand in my way of writing excellent copy anymore. Although often, copywriting feels like a struggle, I am always searching for great tools to make it easier and fun with limited skirmishes. Because no matter how witty, how creative you are, your writing will be deemed lousy and unprofessional if you make grammatical errors.

My go tools are… Yes, Hemingway, Thesaurus, and Grammarly. But there are many more lesser-known tools that could make your copywriting gig easier and more efficient.

So, let me present the other five lesser-known copywriting tools that are acceptable, and you can start using them now.

Cliché Finder

When you are used to using clichés, copywriting can be difficult, but that’s okay because there is actually a tool to help you with that.

Cliché Finder focuses on overused and flat expressions in your writing, helping you remove or rearticulate them. It is also straightforward to use. All you have to do is copy and paste your essay and click the button to sample all the cliches. Keep in mind that they have a character limit of 10,000.


Verbix is not a new tool. Writers have used it for over 20 years. This tool is free, and it is mostly used by writers who use multiple languages. It is used to stop mixing up languages in a copy and, even better, learn the language.

Verbix will help you with verb conjugation to ensure your writing is always spot-on, regardless of what language you use. It’s available in many languages, including German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic.


Copywritely is one of the easiest to use SEO content analysis tools. But it also has many useful features to use while copywriting.

Copywritely paraphrasing tool identifies issues and helps you to rewrite sentences, while the grammar checker highpoints all the grammatical errors. Additionally, you can paste your copy onto the word counter to check how much you’ve written and determine your word frequency and efficiency.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

If you work well under pressure, then you’re going to love this tool. The Most Dangerous Writing App is excellent for timing and deadlines because once you start typing, there’s no turning back or stopping.

You only have a 5-minute frame in which you cannot stop typing for more than 10 seconds. Else, all the work will disappear, your screen will blur, then turn red, and it’s game over.

Don’t worry, thou, you have a chance to export whatever you wrote, and it is not all lost. I like it because the mere pressure to keep writing gives me that little push I need within a short period.


Sharethrough is a headline analyzer that evaluates your headline and gives you a “Headline Quality Score,” depending on multiple components.

In the overall score, you can check the strengths of your headline and get recommendations on how to make it better and effective.

This tool also gives you the engagement, impression scores, and insights to make them better.

Sharethrough is free and super easy to use. It also indicates your headline character count and the number of words.



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